Sunday, January 20, 2008


In December 2007 I was fortunate to acquire a cel of THUMPER from BAMBI. This little guy is such a charmer!

The cel was released in the 1940s through the Courvoisier Gallery program. It has the official WDP stamp in the lower right corner (Walt Disney Productions).

As was the practice at the time, the cel is laminated.

As a later Courvoisier release, it has a typically uninspired background. The early Courvoisier backgrounds were actually created by artists at Disney Studios and were more elaborate. Later releases like this one were prepared by art students in the San Francisco area, where Courvoisier was located.

The original moment in the movie included Thumper's family and looked like this:

I digitally re-created the entire original pan background:

I'm not sure if or when I might change the setup to match the film. For the moment, I am enjoying the simple vintage Courvoisier presentation.

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SikArtist said...

I love what you're doing here. Truly a great source for historical art work and plenty of information revolving around some of the greatest works of our century. Keep it up and thank you. :)