Sunday, January 20, 2008

DOC: Snow White

"Doc" from SNOW WHITE, playing the Swanette, is the latest addition to my cel collection, and arguably the prize of my collection. It is in the in best condition of all the SNOW WHITE cels I have ever seen. With the exception of residual tape marks on the outer edges, it is pristine. Most cels this old are very badly rippled and warped (the cel material shrinks with age). There is almost no rippling, just a tiny bit around the edges and no yellowing at all. The paint is original and flawless.

Also very unusual is the fact that this cel is untrimmed. Completely original and intact! (Note the registration holes at the bottom.)

In the film, the strings are animated. Two strings have been inked on the cel, and there is just a touch of airbrushing which brings a rosy glow to Doc's cheeks. This leads me to believe that the cel was prepared for release through the Courvoisier Galleries, but was "liberated" just before the usual trimming and setup. As the cel is so perfect, my guess is that this was taped to a board and stored away for most of the last seventy years. Here's a scanned close-up of the Doc cel:

I digitally created the key master background. As usual, the B/G makes the piece. The cel is magnificent, but with the key B/G there's no doubt this is a monumental piece of historic Disney art.

I love this movie, and to add this particularly fine cel to my collection is a thrill and a half!

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