Friday, January 4, 2008


This SLEEPING BEAUTY setup (with production cel and key digitized master background) is an exact reproduction of one frame in the movie, when Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora descend the castle staircase.

Here is the precise moment in the film:

The cel is a "miniature" Art Corner piece (tiny figures with the cel trimmed to the extreme), originally released at Disneyland on a plain piece of light blue art board. Only a small point on Prince Phillip's chest had adhered. So the cel was carefully removed from the art board and the miniscule area with paint loss was professionally restored.

I was able to digitally reproduce the key master background, no small feat as the animated figures were descending the stairs during a zoom shot! The entire digitally recreated background looks like this:

(Of course the digitized background had to be cropped to match the trimmed cel.)

The end result is this exquisite setup.

The fact that that it is a "miniature" is a plus for me... it makes the delicacy of the fine hand-inked lines even more remarkable.

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Dusty Banks said...

Brilliant! I think this moment is one of the most romantic and beautiful part of the film. thank you so much!