Thursday, August 21, 2008

More MARY POPPINS: Penguins and Barnyard Birds!

Disneyland's Art Corner saved many wonderful cels, and decades after it closed it still provides an ongoing source of artwork for animation art collectors.

Here's a delightful setup with two cels from MARY POPPINS, from different scenes! I have a large collection of original POPPINS cels. But in over a decade of collecting, I've never seen any cels of the barnyard sequence animals. So I jumped on this!

Typical of Art Corner setups which were literally just thrown together (and sold for about a dollar apiece!), this has a completely unrelated print background from SLEEPING BEAUTY! Sorry for the flash glare - I didn't take the photo.

When I saw this setup, of course I immediately went to the DVD and found the key frames:

I then digitally created two new, separate master backgrounds, so the cels can be set up separately. Here are the backgrounds:

As soon as the cels arrive I will create the new setups, scan them, and post them here. I can't wait!