Monday, February 4, 2008

SHERE KHAN (The Jungle Book)

This special setup from THE JUNGLE BOOK is a true collector's prize. Shere Khan cels are very rare.

The original Art Corner cel was in pretty rough shape. Cel paint was cracked, some missing, and the original piece had a yellow art board background that had obviously received some water damage. Professional restoration brought back the stunning beauty of the image.

Here's a comparison montage of the cel, before and after restoration:

The original frame in the movie looks like this:

The re-created background was created successfully for this presentation, even though it is one of those that couldn't be completely finished, as Shere Khan doesn't completely move out of center. The small "unrestored" area (maybe 5% of the total image, in the lower center) is of course hidden behind the cel. (The finished setup is the image at the very beginning of this post.)


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It's cool but I prefer the original colours...